Thursday, August 16, 2018

Who put the twist in this duo?

The Truth about the name?...

As a small child I spent a lot of time with my grandparents.  My grandfather seemed to work a lot, but when he was at home and I was lucky enough to spend time with him there was never a dull moment!  He loved to tease me  about these supposed Gypsies in our area that were looking for small children to steal away from their families.  He teased that if I wanted him to, he could have them come and pick me up! Pretty twisted right?  My husband, also from the area, was also told about these supposed gypsies.  Longer story short the name ..."Two Twisted Gypsies" was born.

This twisted duo consist of myself and my husband, of thirty plus years, Brian.  We currently design our items from our home. Our creations are handcrafted from many resources including, but not limited to vintage, found objects, leather and mixed media.  We re-purpose both old and new to create our jewelry making everything we make unique and for the most part one of a kind.

You can find our items available for purchase by visiting our Etsy shop or on our Facebook Two Twisted Gypsies page.

Upcoming Festivals:

The Two Twisted Gypsies will be attending Algonquin Mills Fall Festival Friday, Saturday, & Sunday October 12, 13, 14 2018 from 9am - 5pm Carrollton Ohio.  Admission  is $8 per vehicle ( not per person) Camping is available @15.00 per night and they do have an ATM available on festival grounds. For more information you can visit or call 1-877-727-0103

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Two Twisted Gypsies @ The Reclaimed Rose

New Two Twisted Gypsies goodies went to the shop last week.  Hand did just for ya’all!  Thank you for checking us out. We will also have a few more shows this holiday season. Be sure and add the first Saturday in December (December 6th) to your calendar to come see us at the Canfield High School Annual craft show. We are booth 46.. 10am-4pm. The show is completely full and now offering a waiting list if you want to be sell your items. That means 200 crafters! Not vendors… But a Hand Made Bliss!!! Don’t miss it Ya’ll!


Monday, November 4, 2013

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 Good Morning! I believe winter is upon us and I am sad. I just love the fall season and all the fun festivals this time of year.  Which is why I wanted to get a post up for you this morning.  The next big one will be on December 7th @ The Canfield High School in Canfield Ohio.  The show will have around 260 crafters again this year.  It is going to be so exciting and we are excited to be heading north and meeting even more great folks! We sure hope to see some of our Gypsy fans as well.  Come see what is new and say hello!

 ***We will still be doing the photo pendants so get your orders in now.  Delivery will be December 15th. Also check out our facebook page as we will be posting a Trunk Show which you can purchase items just by messaging us! See you soon! ~Blessings!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Good Morning September

Fall is upon us and just like that we roll into the craft festival season again.  Later this month on September 28th Two Twisted Gypsies will be at the Thompson Park Oktoberfest in East Liverpool Ohio we will also be available for you to come meet all the gypsies and pick some of our new items.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Blessings to you and yours!

Check out our Two Twisted Gypsies Flickr to see even more of our items.

Beach Necklace
Designed by Michelle Tice of Two Twisted Gypsies

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Gypsying We Will Go!

Today I am beginning a new necklace collection.  I will be doing a lot of hand wire wrapping of vintage beads and found objects.  I want to focus on creating one of a kind pieces as I had originally set out to do when we began designing jewelry. 

Over the weekend we visited several of our favorite vendors and met a new one, Kurt...with a K (which is how he introduced himself)  He not only had an awesome shop, but was a very down to earth kind of guy.  He had some really great items and I was shocked that I found so many things at one shop,very untapped treasures at his place.  Then off to see Sue at our other favorite shop. It was a fun day of Gypsying with my hubby. I can't wait to start putting things together.  Here is a pic of our finds from Kurt's... minus a frog earring which I have already started to work on! Wish I had done a before on him... but you will love him!  Okay enough rambling...

Here are some of our finds.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello again!

Hello all!  I am happy to report that after much rest and prayers, I have finally turned a corner with my health and although still not completely back to normal, I am feeling so much better.  I was finally able to get some new items completed.   I will be adding more photos all this upcoming week so I hope you will check back often for updates! Have a wonderful week!