Monday, October 31, 2011


Gypsy Bracelet 
Two Twisted Gypsies...

The Truth about the name?...

As a small child I spent a lot of time with my grandparents.  My grandfather seemed to work a lot, but when he was at home and I was lucky enough to spend time with him there was never a dull moment!  He loved to tease me about these supposed Gypsies in our area that if I wanted he could have them come and pick me up! My husband also from the area was also told about the gypsies.  Longer story short the name ..."Two Twisted Gypsies" was born.

Both my husband of twenty plus years, myself and our eldest son currently design our items. Each of our items are handcrafted from Vintage, Re-purposed and/or Old to New Jewelry making everything we make unique and for the most part one of a kind.

Please check out our Etsy shop and book mark our website/blog to keep up to date on local events we will be attending.

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